Multi-family garage sale happening in the Newcastle / Newport Hills area this weekend (6/16-6/17). The time will be between 8-3 (no early birds please -- come on now, we are starting at 8am, which is certainly early enough for you to stop by, buy all our stuff and then still hit the other garage sales in the area that start at 9 and 10.)Lots of great and fun items at great prices. (Don't get me wrong, there will be some "ho-hum" and some "meh" stuff too but it will be cheap.) ? Household items - you know, the type of stuff you find in your house, chances are you already have some of what we are selling, but hey, maybe you could use two.? Decorations - holiday decorations, house-hold decorations, stuff to decorate decorations.? Pillows - ok, I'm not sure about this one, not sure what kind of pillows. . . could be bed pillows, could be furniture pillows could be the kind of pillows that high diving stunt men land in. Stop by and find out. ? Furniture - so far we have confirmed one couch (it's a nice one too) but we will likely have more items as more friends and family bring over all their stuff.? Clothes - men's, women's and kid's (boy). If you wear clothes we may have something you would like. If you don't wear clothes, stop by anyway, we could use the entertainment.? Shoes - same as above but way more women's shoes than men's shoes. Go figure.? 1 exercise machine/lawn care device. (i.e a push reel mower) -- it trims the grass while you trim the pounds. (Like most exercise equipment it just sits in the garage.)? Lots Of Toys -- Maybe. We are in negations with the 4 year old now. He is a tough negotiator. ? Baby Stroller -- They see me rollin'? Books -- a bunch of trashy novels and a few where things get blown up.? Lots of other miscellaneous items as well. Easy to get to

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